Whether you are new to cannabis or have been self medicating for years, all patients can benefit from learning more about the plant, the science behind medical marijuana, and ways to hone their horticultural skills to produce better medicine.  We at KCC feel an educated patient is better equipped to get the most out of their cannabis therapy plan and we want to help you gain the knowledge required to get you there.

What will the Classes Cover?

Our classes will cover a wide range of topics and discussions; everything from home grows, cooking with cannabis, to laws and the science behind this amazing plant that offers countless benefits to so many patients. Not all subjects will be covered in each class, so feel free to pick and choose which sessions might benefit you the most. Classes will be open to patients, non-patients, caregivers, and even curious by-standers.

Topics will include

  • Cannabis 101
  • Methods of Consumption
  • Dosing
  • Home-Grow Setup 
  • Cannabis Cultivation 101
  • Cooking with Cannabis
  • Missouri MMJ Law
  • Synergistic Relationship Between Cannabis and Terpenes 
  • Qualifying Conditions and Associated Therapies
  • Ailment Specific Therapies
  • Understanding MMJ Test Results

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