Which is better, starting from a seed or a clone? This question has divided the cannabis growing community for years with most growers having a hard stance on the topic. Some growers will argue in favor of growing from a seed because of the natural taproot formed, better anchoring the plant in place, while other growers will argue in favor of cloning because you can replicate the same medicinal effects of a mother plant. No matter what side of the debate you’re on, one thing is for certain, dispensaries having the ability to sell clones to legal and compliant patient growers only enhances patient access and their ability to properly medicate themselves.

Dispensaries should be able to sell clones. It’s the safest, fastest, and most effective way to guarantee the effects that your medicine will have on you. Clones taken from a mother plant are genetically identical to the mother plant itself and therefore will cause similar, if not the same effects. Now before you quote me, let me clarify; growing skill and methods, light exposure, soil (or soiless concoction) quality, and a plethora of other factors will go into whether or not your cannabis is “good”. BUT! If you have a solid growing method that you are comfortable with and you successfully propagate a clone and grow it with generally the same elements and amount of skill, you will have a harvest that offers very similar  physiological and psychoactive effects. You get it. Without further ado, here’s three reasons why Missouri dispensaries should be able to sell clones.

First: I feel like this may be overstated by now, but did I mention that a clone offers identical genetics as its mother plant. The reason this is so important in a medical state is because consistency is vitally important when it comes to proper dosing of any compound(s). Consistent genetics leads to consistent results for the patient’s symptom relief. For further clarification, call your local pharmacy and ask them why xanax and oxycontin aren’t used for the same conditions or symptoms. 

Second: Growing from a clone is more cost effective than buying ounces of finished and ready to use products. So let’s talk about patient access. Patient access is defined as the ability for patients to obtain symptom relief by taking charge of their own health care. Nothing would open up access to high quality and affordable cannabis medicine better than selling clones directly to the patient themselves and allowing the patient to “take charge of their own healthcare” by sourcing, growing, and preparing their own medicine at a fraction of the cost. A single clone can cost as much as an ⅛ and yield as much finished product as an ounce or more! If you have purchased cannabis before, you know that is a difference of a couple hundred dollars.

Third: A clone takes less time to grow. A clone that is bought from a dispensary is rooted and about a month further along in its growth cycle than a plant that pops from a seed at the same time. This speeds up the process of acquiring homegrown, consistent and cost effective cannabis medicine when compared to seeds.

Bonus: Seeds are not guaranteed to be female or produce well (if at all). When you buy a pack of regular seeds you can expect about a 50% male to female ratio. You can also expect that some seeds won’t produce at all. This is normal and expected, but a clone doesn’t have these shortcomings.

Dr. Randall Williams, the director of the Missouri DHSS, when talking about his department once said “Our North Star is to help people. That has to be the basis for action. We’re not acting just to act. We’re acting to help people,” The sale of clones directly to a legal and compliant Missouri patient cultivator or caregiver from licensed and compliant dispensaries would be the peak of patient access. Clone sales allow access to affordable, consistent, and efficient cannabis medicine to further and more completely “help people” in Missouri. We aren’t asking to grow 100 plants in our garages; we are asking for maximum patient access and maximum control over our own symptom relief.

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