The people of Missouri voted to legalize medical cannabis almost two years ago. With that vote came the expectation of 338 businesses licensed to grow, extract and distribute THC products to medical patients. An exciting part of any budding cannabis industry that is oftentimes overlooked, are all of the ancillary businesses that start up. Home grow consultants, green doctors, bong cleaners, and event coordinators are among the many businesses that Missouri can expect. I got to catch up with Destiny Simon from Canna Events by Leo to hear about what we can expect out of them in the coming months and years.

Canna Events by Leo is based in Kansas City but plans on taking their events and classes statewide as soon as the industry is running with a more constant pace. When asked what they would consider their specialties, Destiny said education through their condition courses and inclusivity, especially for womxn, are their two main focuses. When asked about her vision, Destiny said, “We are all about womxn. If you talk to a womxn, 99% of the time she has made the choice to put herself second, whether it’s for her partner, her family; it’s usually the womxn taking the back seat.” She went on to say, “We have the opportunity to build an industry without sexism or racism.” 

Which opportunities she was most excited about bringing to patients in Missouri? “We know right now, the only options we have to help current patients are if we help build up the caregivers that offer alternative ways for us to get our meds right now…. We actually finalized our September patient caregiver event. We are building from the ground level, finding the low income patients, finding the people who don’t know where to go, and connecting them to caregivers.”

What can we look forward to about your Patient Caregiver Fair on September 19th? “Yeah! We only have 4 more spots for sponsors left available only because we are allowing only a limited capacity and because, through relationships we already have in the industry, we have filled most of the others. We are letting sponsors sell nonTHC merchandise so that they can recoup the cost of the sponsorship. We are having a capacity of 50 people at the Courthouse Exchange in Independence. We have the whole downstairs to ourselves and an outdoor consumption area sitting out in the back alley. We are going to have an app where people can order food or beverages and they will bring it to you wherever you are in the restaurant and it is contactless… We will have guest speakers, (Marne Madison from Fleur Verte Academy, LaVaughn Hamilton of Dabbing Daddies, and Vernon McClanahan the KC Grow Coach) We will have ‘Speed Weed Dating’, where our patients and our caregivers can talk and see if they’re a good match. Our tickets we have on sale from $0 to $25. If you can afford the $25, that’s your VIP ticket. You’re going to get a swag bag of goodies from us, from some of our sponsors and you’ll get 5% off any purchases. We are really excited about it and just getting to connect people.”

Which other organizations are you a member of or that you associate with? “I am the chapter leader for Kansas City Tokeativity, Women in Weed, which is kind of at a halt for now… KSCBA, the Kansas Cannabis Business Association, helping share resources so that Kansas may get off on a better foot than Missouri did. Also Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana, working with them to help build up their organization so that we can actually see the color change in Missouri. And of course Canna Matriarchs.”

If you could tell the patients of Missouri one thing, what would it be? “Research your endocannabinoid system. It’s an entire system inside of our bodies that we were never taught about. If you could learn anything that could change your life, learn about your endocannabinoid system and you can learn all about it in our Cannacian Certification Program.”

The Cannacian Certification Program, that Canna Events by Leo is offering, is a 3 step education and certification program that was created by Dr. Regina Nelson that will be taught in house. The program is three levels and each level claims to take a deeper dive into cannabis knowledge covering topics like the endocannabinoid system and pediatric cannabis use. Customers have the option to pay for the courses one-by-one or as a bundle and there are also payment plans. Below is a graphic that gives a brief overview of what each level of the course offers.

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