Stack discounts up to 20%!

  • Veteran 20% – The Missouri medical cannabis market was made, first and foremost, for the benefit of the patients but from the outset we aimed to assist our local veterans. In fact, the 4% tax attached to cannabis sales goes directly to state organizations designed to aid Missouri veterans. We aim to help even more by offering a 20% discount to all veterans.
  • First Visit 20% – Trusting a company with your health and wellness is an important decision and one that we do not take lightly. To show our appreciation for choosing KCC, all first time visitors will receive a 20% discount.
  • Low Income 15% – By providing low cost medicine for patients that may be living on a fixed or low income, we are helping those that need it most. KCC will be offering a 15% discount to all low income patients as indicated on their patient ID card.
  • First Week Wait 15% – In the beginning, you may experience some long lines in front of our stores.  We’re going to make it worth your while by offering a 15% discount to everyone that has to wait in line for their next turn inside after their initial purchase.
  • Industry 10% – Anyone in the cannabis world can tell you just how small this industry truly is. It is not uncommon for cannabis connections to run across companies, state lines, and even oceans. For that reason, KCC will be offering a 10% discount to industry agents that visit our dispensaries.
  • Home Cultivator and Patient Caregiver 10% – Home growers are the back bone of any cannabis community.  Home growers and breeders, as well as commercial, are who we have to thank for the many different and amazing types of cannabis that are out there now.  KCC stands with home cultivators and we want to show our appreciation and support by offering a 10% discount.

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