Telemedicine Health Consultations

Telemedicine has played a major role in changing the way we interact with healthcare providers. KCC is currently partnering with Missouri-based Telehealth providers to ensure our patients receive the best information possible when making healthcare decisions regarding cannabis therapies. Basic KCC Telehealth services are complimentary for all interested patients and are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.

KCC CARES Patient Fund

KCC will donate 5% of proceeds generated through the Leafly Pickup online ordering system to benefit a fund for low income patients. We will also be incentivizing other programs to benefit this fund through various special events, product promotions and donation drives. The proceeds for this fund will be collected and applied to the transactions verified low-income qualifying patients on a monthly basis. Our hope is to spread these funds to as many individuals as possible.

Low Cost CBD Flower

KCC aims to partner with local hemp companies to provide low cost CBD flower for our patients. All CBD flower will be priced at heavily reduced markups compared with our other cannabis-based products. Given the relatively inexpensive price of hemp flower, we believe we can provide all patients with an affordable dose of cannabinoids.

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