Patient safety is a cornerstone of our Patients First program. As a result, KCC will be partnering with a local testing facility to carry out additional testing on the products we offer. It is true that Missouri requires all commercial cannabis cultivators and manufacturers to test the products they sell.  However, these tests are done in large batches with only a tiny sample sizes representing the entire lot.  While this might be considered ‘industry standard’, we feel that enforcing minimum requirements for testing may not always be the best arbiter of safety and quality.  

The DHSS requires testing in 15 pound lots which allows for inaccuracies and can lead to variable testing results. All products tested through the Patients First Program will be in smaller sublots to ensure accuracy. All test results, regardless of source, will be made publicly available.

Ensuring the quality of your cannabis is our utmost concern and responsibility. We must know, with certainty, that there are no contaminants or harmful chemicals present in the cannabis products we make available to our patients.   By running our products through additional testing we can provide quality, potency, and other relevant testing results with confidence and accuracy — backing up our claims of being Kansas City’s premiere dispensary carrying only the best products on the market.

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