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Kansas City Cannabis’ Patients First program was developed with the mindset of “patients over profits.” Unfortunately, this term is often abused in the cannabis industry as a means to attract patients with no real intention of follow through. KCC is breaking that stigma by offering a lasting, positive impact on our patients through education, discounts, programs and incentives designed to benefit those most in need. In addition, KCC will better our community and state by volunteering our time and donating a portion of profits to local charities. We realize that to truly enrich the lives of our patients, we must also positively affect their communities.

Inspiring Wellness

These words are the foundation of our company’s Health and Wellness program. Not only is this an internal program for our staff, it is the same program that we will be offering all patients. This program exists in the form of free-to-attend classes, private consultations with knowledgeable specialists, extensive educational documentation and telemedicine visits with medical professionals for those discussions that require a bit more education, or a medical license. We can provide information on local doctors and clinics that can help you determine if you have a qualifying condition for a medical marijuana recommendation and our staff is always prepared to help you with any questions or assistance you may require to complete the state onboarding process. 

Home Grow Consultations

Need help with your home grow?  Are you building the greatest grow room of all time and have a question? We can help!

River Market Hydro and KCC have teamed up to help patient cultivators by offering free cultivation education, discount on grow supplies, and in-home consultations. Our home-grow guru, Jeff Krupkowski, will host a weekly livestream called ‘Questions 4 Cultivators’ where Missouri patients and caregivers can learn tips and tricks for successful harvests and get answers that go far beyond your average search engine results. Just click on the button below to Learn More!

Kansas City Cannabis RSO Program

Full Extract Cannabis Oil, or FECO (aka. RSO-Rick Simpson Oil) is a powerful medicinal cannabis concentrate and serves as the backbone of many medical patient’s cannabis treatment. FECO has been reported to have awe inspiring and life changing effects for many people going through and living with some of the toughest situations and afflictions around. For that reason, KCC is partnering with Coco Labs to offer their FECO to Missouri patients at cost plus tax. To find out more, click the Learn More button below.

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Monthly Charitable Donations

Kansas City Cannabis is excited to host a monthly rotation of charities that we work with in order to benefit our patients and communities by donating a portion of our monthly proceeds.  Aside from monetary donations, we will also invest our time into the community with volunteer teams, individual community service and related initiatives. KCC employees are encouraged to get involved with local projects and organizations they are passionate about and company-subsidized community service hours mean that employees don’t have to decide between positively impacting their community and earning a paycheck. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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More Testing than anyone we know…

Patient safety is a cornerstone of our Patients First program. Even though the Missouri DHSS set up stringent testing protocols for MMJ products, there will always be room to improve patient safety. To further this effort, KCC is currently partnering with local MMJ testing facilities in order to carry out secondary testing on the products that we make available to our patients.  By requiring additional testing on the products we sell, KCC will be able to provide the most secure and safe products to Missouri patients.

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Lots of Ways to Save

We believe that personal health and wellbeing is priceless, but it shouldn’t have to break the bank. Patients shouldn’t have to decide between their medicine and groceries. To address this problem, we have created a wide range of discount programs and loyalty incentives to help you save your hard earned money in hopes of making a better quality of life more affordable.

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Free Cannabis Education Classes

At KCC, we are passionate about sharing resources and encouraging our patients to learn as much as possible about the cannabis plant, it’s related compounds and potential uses. We believe informed patients make better decisions in regards to their health and wellbeing and stand to gain the most benefit from cannabis therapies. To help educate our community we will be hosting regular virtual and in-person cannabis education classes to teach patients the basics of cannabis cultivation, preparation, consumption, dosing and much more. To get started, simply click the Learn More button below!

“Is That It?”

Kansas City Cannabis Co. is dedicated to helping patients and bringing affordable medicine to our communities. As soon as we are able, we have a few more initiatives we are excited to roll out to Missouri patients very soon! For a preview of what’s in store, click the link below!

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